Step 1: Click to open the MOL top-up page.
Step 2: Select your country as Indonesia. (You can top up with US Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, Philippine Peso, Indian Rupee, Thai Baht, and Indonesian Rupiah via MOL.)
Step 3: Login in with your MOL Login ID. If you do not have an MOL account, click on 'REGISTER NOW' to sign up for an account.
Step 4: Move your mouse cursor to the 'MOL Points' at the navigation bar at the top to display the drop-down menu, and then select 'Games'.
Step 5: Click 'C' (Circlied in blue below) to look for and select 'Crystal Legacy' OR search for 'Crystal Legacy (MY) in 'For more games, select here'.
Step 6: When the following page displays, select the amount you wish to reload to your account and then click 'Buy' as instructed.
Step 7: Enter Password to your MOL account, then click 'Continue'.
Step 8: If the following page displays, it means there is not enough fund in your MOL account; in this case, you need to top-up your MOL account before you follow the steps mentioned above to buy game points for Crystal Legacy.

The screenshot shows popular payment channels in Indonesia; click the one you have been using to reload your MOL account. (When you click on a picture, detailed top-up guides via that particular payment channel will display.)

Note:You can view your MOL account balance at ‘VIEW MY MEMBER PAGE’.
Step 9: After you have confirmed you have sufficient MOL points in your account, enter your MOL Password and then click 'Continue' to complete the process. Afterwards, go to MOL's homepage, click 'Display PIN' to check out the serial number and password of your order or go check them out in the mail sent to your mailbox by MOL.
When you click on 'Display PIN', you will be asked to input the password for your MOL account; enter your password, click on 'Continue' to view the serial number and password.

There, the serial number and password you need to top-up your Crystal Legacy account will be displayed. The serial number starts with an ‘X’, followed by 13 digits.


Serial number:     X1234567890123 (The serial no. begins with ‘X’, followed by 13 digits.)

Password:            T2DCENCHV (9 digits, a combination of letters and numbers)

Step 10:Login to again to select ‘TOP-UP’ to reload your account. You need to select server, character name as well as enter the serial number and password you have just received; then hit ‘Submit’ to continue.

When the below message displays, it means you have reloaded game points to the character and server you have selected.

Step 11:If you want to reload more game points to the same character, enter ANOTHER serial number and password on the same page and click 'Submit' to top-up.
  • Cash Points Price in Indonesian Rupiah
Denomination Get XiXi Coins
IDR35715 100 XiXi Coins
IDR71429 200 XiXi Coins
IDR178572 500 XiXi Coins
IDR357143 1000 XiXi Coins
IDR1785715 5000 XiXi Coins

Note:1 XiXi Coin = 1 Magic Crystal

  • Cash Points Price in US dollars

PayPal & PayByCash Cash Points Prices:


Amount of  Magic Crystals


150 XiXi Coins


300 XiXi Coins


600 XiXi Coins


1500 XiXi Coins


3000 XiXi Coins

Note:1 XiXi Coin = 1 Magic Crystal

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